Like A Virgin!

Hey Dudes & Dudesses,

There’s still some love for the music I started over 10 years ago – so I plan to re-present them with updated versions this year.

I have waaaay more plans than I have time for so don’t kill me if it doesn’t happen supa quick.

This is my first foray into the blogosphere so any feedback on what you’d like me to write about would be very welcome. Interact Baby!

I hope to have some new vids up on YouTube soon as well by a Hungarian genius called Dan. His ideas on what my most famous track “Stringz Ultd” is about was thus ….

“being marionettes on a stage? …or

“about an endlessly playing classical orchestra (beneath the veil of reality – we should listen to)”

Cool eh ?

Got any interpretations you’d like to share ?

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