What Makes Music Worthwhile ?

Hi Folks,

Sometimes one discovers something that makes it all worthwhile …

So, thanks djVersus


“somethings just boggles my mind. Is there some kind of telepathic sounds that these tunes produce that I don’t know about?

Cuz from the tunes I do recognize on the list, it’s as repetitviely monotone as can be.

See as a dj, I believe in the power of THE TUNE, so here’s one PROGRESSIVE tune that PISSES ALL OVER IT, again and again and again, in this one tune contains MORE TALENT, and MUSICAL SKILLS than all those tunes you mentioned PUT TOGETHER.


I’ve said this time and time again, you can FOOL yourself with the music, BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL THE PEOPLE.


Want to vote for your top 10 trance tunes ?

I’d be honoured if you’d consider “Stringz Ultd.”



  1. Dan says:

    Stringz Ultd. (Shelley Mix) is one of your greatest tunes I know of! 🙂 …it is in my Top 10 Trance Tunes list, you know that:)

  2. halo dj says:

    string ultd is an awesome tune – you should be proud of having created it, i’m proud of you for having done so, love 🙂

    Silvia x

  3. chillertwist says:

    aaaaaaaaah thanks 😉 S x