Chiller Twist remixes Underworld “Bird 1” for competition Oct 2010

Underworld are my favourite band EVER. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them live – but if I don’t do it at least once a year I feel like something was missing! I’ve thought about remixing them many times before, but have always felt too reverential – I didn’t want to just re-arrange them – but add something new and complimentary. I FEEL them like no other band so I very much hope you Underworld fans will appreciate my take on the remix tip.

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  1. 06/11/2010 at 16:06

    Get to Beatport and spin me baby !

    Big up LXNen for this review

    “…and bringing me up to date with the review queue in spectacular style is @Chiller Twist who says the Chiller Twist Bakraka Remix “doesn’t sound much like anything else on here”. I don’t just agree, I’d go a step further and say it sounds rather different to anything I’ve ever heard in my life (and that’s speaking as someone who listened to the late great John Peel for over a decade). I’m going to start by almost contradicting myself and say this one is going to split people very firmly into a large group who hate it, and a small group who love it, but I’m a bit on the fence about it, which is fine as contradictions abound here, in fact this mix revels in them. Trying to describe this mix is not a simple task, and to be honest I have the oddest feeling that I’m dancing about architecture by even trying (google if you don’t know the phrase), but I’d take a stab at ‘this sounds like Miles Davis and Venetian Snares meeting Underworld in a dark alley, with evil intent’. Jazzy saxophones, even jazzier pianos and glitchty drill’n’bass drums are joined by sinister strings, in the middle it’s an echoey synth paradise about to be lost to ambient clanging and clonking (incidentally, this is part of the source stems that most remixers ditched), and the last third has a speed metal jazz feel before disintigrating into glitchy obscure time signatures that peel away to reveal the surprising fact that it’s actually been indisputably Bird 1 all along. I have no idea if any of what I’ve just said is of any use to people reading it, but that might be because I don’t know if this is a work of genius or madness. What I can say is that it’s impeccably produced and mixed, deserved the spin I gave it, and packed one hell of a punch. I’m going to stick my neck out and say this is my ‘if you only listen to one mix today make it this one’ for the day, because I think you really will have to make up your own mind about it.

    Here’s the inevitable plug for my own mix, feedback most welcome, I’ll be responding in detail to comments on it soon, now that I’ve cleared the review backlog:

  2. 06/12/2010 at 22:01

    Well I didn’t win – can’t help being a bit sad but I did it for the crack as our Irish friends say.

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