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Chiller Twist Remixes Beyonce

March 4th 2012

Made for a competition that I was never going to win, but it was fun making Mrs Z go dark !

You can listen, comment, like and vote here

Banshee (2011 mixes) out this Monday 12th Dec

Chiller Twist – Banshee (2011 mixes)


Full Tracklist

1. Banshee (2011 net mix)

2. Banshee (trancestep mix)

3. Banshee (blue line mix)

4. Banshee (tretempo mix)

5. Banshee (minimal dentistry mix)


Sl!m shows us more musical influences than ever including his own take on “Trancestep”, a chillout version worthy to share the same name of his mix of Solid Session’s “Janeiro” and the super adventurous “tretempo mix” which mixes Funk, Drum & Bass and Psychedelic Chill.

VOTE CHILLER TWIST onto a Public Records Comp !

Those friendly and creative types at Public Records are about to make a Downtempo Compilation and I have a chance of getting on there with my track “Pearl” ! Go HERE to listen, VOTE and comment – I’ll be your friend forever !

Rarities 2

Prince V Madonna - You Deserve The Future

Me and my mate Matt did some respectful booties back in the day. Here’s one that takes elements from Mark Moore’s remix of Prince’s “The Future” with Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and fuses them together in a tech house style. Prince V Madonna – You Deserve The Future (Chiller Twist V AAP mix) 192kbps

Chiller Twist goes QR !

It’s a quick way for going somewhere on your mobile phone. A bit like a barcode but much sexier, well sort of! If you have a barcode scanner on your phone you just scan this rather than having to type a URL into your browser. Give it a go ! Free stuff awaits !

Rarities 1

McAlmont & Butler - Bring It Back (Chiller Twist SOS Remix)

Here’s the first of an irregular series … Back in 2002 I got asked to do on spec mix of McAlmont & Butler and give it an “eighties” vibe – it never made it out! It has a few moments though … enjoy! McAlmont & Butler – Bring It Back (Chiller Twist SOS Remix) 192kbps

Viinyl Beta

Here’s a new site we wanted to big up. It’s a simple idea but I like it !

theWay Interview

Here’s an mp3 of the interview I did with Phil Elliot (Pure) on SBN which serves as a good introduction to Chiller Twist. Also has 3 song track analysis of the first commercially available album “theWay”. Chiller Twist – Interview on theWay