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Chiller Twist Remixes Beyonce

March 4th 2012

Made for a competition that I was never going to win, but it was fun making Mrs Z go dark !

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Banshee (2011 mixes) out this Monday 12th Dec

Chiller Twist – Banshee (2011 mixes)


Full Tracklist

1. Banshee (2011 net mix)

2. Banshee (trancestep mix)

3. Banshee (blue line mix)

4. Banshee (tretempo mix)

5. Banshee (minimal dentistry mix)


Sl!m shows us more musical influences than ever including his own take on “Trancestep”, a chillout version worthy to share the same name of his mix of Solid Session’s “Janeiro” and the super adventurous “tretempo mix” which mixes Funk, Drum & Bass and Psychedelic Chill.

Banshee (2011 mixes) is out on the 12th December 2011

  All new mixes, All new video, pre-order links up now. We thoroughly recommend you use the order link from Bandcamp as this is the way to get ALL the mixes and some extra stuff ! “Banshee” is released on the 12th December 2011. The first new music for 9 years. Dan Kovacs is on…

Chiller Twist – “Banshee” original launch flyer

Invite for the promo party of Chiller Twist "Banshee"

From waaaaay back in the day – 6th March 1999 actually. Alas I don’t have the guest list anymore but it was huuuuge ! I wonder if anyone else remembers this occasion or has any stories to tell about it. The O Bar used to be on Wardour Street in London. ‘Twas a good night!…

Chiller Twist “Pearl” video now fully public

Watch the video for "Pearl"”

Thanks for all your great reactions and compliments! The Video is now public and available to share – make sure you’re up on Fanrank so all your promo efforts are recorded and rewarded! You can download this track HERE   Send us your comments !  

Want Kudos, Respect and Prizes ?

Hey Twistees ! We’ve set up a cool thing on Facebook where you can earn the above by promoting Chiller Twist. Go to FB Fan Page and sign up to Fanrank. Follow the instructions and get promoting ! See if you can top the charts !  

Pearl Premiere

Still from the video of Chiller Twist - Pearl, directed by Dan Kovacs

The new Chiller Twist video by Dan Kovacs is ready and will be premiered BY INVITE ONLY on Sunday 29th May at 12:00 midday. It is to commemorate the release of the track “Pearl” on the compilation album “Late Night Logic” on Public Records. So, make sure we have you on the list to not…