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Cool new site – this could be fun ! Here’s the first Chiller Twist Videotone ever !

Ring Any Bells ?″>YouTube

YouTube – Chase & Status ‘Blind Faith’ feat. Liam Bailey Official Video.

theWay … finally on iTunes Free Chiller Twist CD or 12″ of your choice for anyone that wants to give it a review ! Just make sure you tell me through my Blog !

Imitation / Flattery ?

A weird thing came up in Google Alerts. A track in a DJ mix listed as Bml (max) – Barbados (Chiller Twist) It’s news to me – is someone WANTING to be Chiller Twist ? – that would be a first ! I must confess I didn’t want to be a “VIP member” to hear…

Chiller Twist remixes Underworld “Bird 1” for competition Oct 2010

Underworld are my favourite band EVER. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them live – but if I don’t do it at least once a year I feel like something was missing! I’ve thought about remixing them many times before, but have always felt too reverential – I didn’t want to just re-arrange them – but add something new and complimentary. I FEEL them like no other band so I very much hope you Underworld fans will appreciate my take on the remix tip.