Chiller Twist Remixes

A selection of On Spec and Just For Fun Chiller Twist remixes. Underworld, Prince V Madonna, Kate Bush, Sly & The Family Stone, Gabriel & Dresden, McAlmont & Butler.

There are also some other unreleased and rare mixes in the DJ Mixes section.

The Amazon links are to the “originals” so you can compare and buy if you wish. Enjoy!



Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music (Chiller Twist 2005 Update) 192kbps


Prince V Madonna – You Deserve The Future (Chiller Twist V AAP mix) 192kbps


McAlmont & Butler – Bring It Back (Chiller Twist SOS Remix) 192kbps


Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Chiller Twist Boot Mix) 192kbps










Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down (Chiller Twist Remix) 320kbps



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