Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome !

My name is Sl!m.
I make music , I did this website too.
I like and play many different styles but Chiller Twist is usually associated with Trance or Chill Out.

Chiller Twist started in 1998 and I released vinyl and did remixes until about 2002.
I worked hard and had some lucky breaks too. Paul Oakenfold used my remix as the lead track on his
compilation “Travelling” in 2000. I’d made 3 acetates and sent them off!

My luckiest break was when Tiesto used my track “Stringz Ultd.” on his comp “In Search Of Sunrise 3” in 2002.

It’s a bit of a mini classic now !

Like many artists I’ve struggled to make anything like a living out of music.
So, now in 2017 I have a day job (music related I’m pleased to say) and I thought I’d revive Chiller Twist
as an artistic outlet and explore the fast changing digital world in my spare time.

So, there’s some old tunes, some rarities and remixes and maybe soon, some brand new ones too!

I hope you will hang around and listen and send me a word or two if you feel so compelled.



October 2017

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  1. 08/01/2011 at 23:50

    Will look forward to listening to your stuff!!

    All the best 🙂

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