Chiller Twist - Banshee White Label Jacket

BANSHEE (12″ White Label)

“Dirty hard grooves with a trance edge and big party vibes. Tight pumping rhythm and another goody for fans of Positiva, Graham Gold, and/or Tall Paul.”

(SoS Records 14.5.99)

“If this “choon” was a woman I would take it for a dirty weekend.”

(Rob P – Marvellous Records 20.8.2000)






Chiller Twist - Timebomb 12" Jacket

TIMEBOMB (12″ Single)

“JJB: Ooooh! Maxi-okiday! Jar Jar dance very fast. He like beat a lot. Ow! Me-sa trip me gettin’ down so fast. Jar Jar clumsy. But me sa like this music. Much energies. Wa-hee!
DM: Yes. The beats are sinister, yet seductive. Much like myself. They will creep up on you and get you moving quite quickly. If you do not wish to be cut in half.
JJB: Jar Jar is-a entranced. Is-a very original. Me take this-a home. Teach Gungans how to rave.
JJB: ****
DM: ****”

JAR JAR BINKS and Sith Lord DARTH MAUL of Star Wars reviewing at Music365 19.7.99

“It’s got that hovering feeling, the right combination of baseline and melody and back washes to give it ,yeah, that hovering smooth trance thing.” (DJOB1, Auckland, NZ)

Chiller Twist - Driverz Of The Deep 12" Jacket


“Watch out people Mr.Chiller Twist is on form and this is sure to become a classic next year when Miami and Ibiza come around. Ethereal and emotive, this has everything you could possibly want in a record – solid bass, light and luscious synths and a structure that sucks you in and drops you down into its groove without leaving you foot tapping. Watch this space though there’s more to come, with unquestioned support from the Nu Breeders and being one of Ashley Casselle’s biggest records of the moment means it’s gonna be huge…****”

(Ricardo iDJ magazine Jan 2001)

“Following their recent remix accolade for Velvet Girl’s ‘Velvet’ plus plays already chalked up on Pete Tong, the new prize plum is very essential. As the label says it resides in the chiller cabinet in deep sleep mode but when the kick drops and the thaw begins the keys and bass bring the whole thing to life and the rising strings carry the listener away on an astral journey. A soundtrack for deep all-night Balearic style sessions that probably wouldn’t rock a superclub, but could lure wayward stoners onto the rocks if the right mood prevailed. It’s nice to hear a track that is not just another heavy, twisted track.****”

(James Horrocks & Gary Reeves DJ Magazine Dec 16 – Jan 12 2001)

“One of my current favorites, rolling drums and sub-bass with a hint of breaks that delivers you to a subtle euphoric breakdown. I love it!”

(Jerry Bonham Mute Press Release for Interpretations II 24th April 2001)

“Phat progressive house, one of Paul Oakenfold’s top 3 records of the month with support from Pete Tong, Danny Howells, and Anthony Pappa. Equally jockable for either the Trance or the House DJ.”

(Music ESP Feb 2001)

“Driverz does wonders on the floor!”

(Jonathan Ojeda – Spundae Recordings)

Chiller Twist - Do You Hear It ? 12" Jacket

DO YOU HEAR IT ? (12″ and CD Single)

“Crap label name, crap looking label and crap title. Not the most enthusiastic start to a review, eh ? However, it’s what’s in the grooves the count and Lord was it worth braving ! Chiller Twist have been receiving some impressive support from Mr. Oakenfold, and with the needle to the record we can quickly see why. The track is initially a low-key throbbing trance outing. The hook halfway in, however, is a sublime chord break punctuated by a very dramatic ‘Flash’ style stabbed synth, which will rocket through any sound system. It then balances this element with tough production, simply dropping back into its growling groove. The flipside is a very chilled rendition with only the spoken vocal associating the two. Very charming in its own right and owing a fair amount to Electribe 101 in its chords. ‘Do You Hear It ?’ is delivered with a very, very high level of production. All the elements are mixed down with a stunning competence and Chiller Twist (whoever they are) show huge promise !*****”

(Tim Stark – DJ Magazine 14-27 July 2001)

“Another tasty melodic progressive cut from Mr. Chiller, with intricate chord changes and rising energy in what will surely be a Sasha favourite. The tune drops into an ominous breakdown, flavoured by occult chord sequences and searing synths before releasing into the Chiller Twist stratosphere of electronic surreality. Music.****”

(Ricardo – Idj Magazine August 2001)

“West London’s Chiller Twist is building a reputation for producing good
quality music and his dance mixes are finding their way into the records
boxes of DJs like Oakenfold, Pappa, and Howells. The “Bet Two For Good mix”
is deep, melancholy prog house that uses lush strings and choir pads to
create a haunting sound. The production is great and I’m sure it’ll be
popular with the deeper, progressive DJs, while on the flip is a fantastic
downtempo mix that is perfect for those chilled out moments. With variety in
their music and an album coming out later this year, watch this space for
more Chiller Twist.”

BIB Rating: 5/5

(Tony Field – Burn It Blue August 2001)

“With the large success of their previous single “Driverz of the
Deep,” this fairly new label is poised to receive attention from a
host of progressive jocks. Moody but uplifting, the percussion is
frisky with an electro influence, while the bassline shuffles around
subdued kick drums and a faint arpeggio. Building into a warm,
tweaky climax, the strings and pads are grand as twinkling melodies
add to the full-bodied, but pensive tone. The record goes through a
nice journey. Downtempo fans should pay attention to the original
mix, a loungy, sauntering, atmospheric jaunt well worth picking up.”

(Robert Oleysyck – Mixer USA)

“Great record. Honestly both sides are wicked. I’ll be hammering out the prog
mix this Friday at the club for sure. I love the Shagging mix as well, or
should I say chill out mix. Really sweet.”

(DJ Mark Scaife – Toronto, Canada)

“Really like this tune. It really does go on a journey and remains very dark and mysterious throughout. It continually builds from the beginning and does so much in the process but in a cooler more subtle way.”

(Steven Lennon, Club Ace, Glasgow, Scotland)

“The original mix of Do You Hear It is what I imagine Jim Morrison would do when he if he were still alive now, making use of today’s equipment, yeah?

The b-side sounds more updated, and a bit colder at very first impression, but I soon warmed up to the sunny sounds of progressive.”

(De Stickere Jean-Jacques – Bruges, Belgium)

“To start with the original , here is a perfect slice of downtempo chill – a hypnotic looping groove – layered with all sorts of different elements to create an addictive head nodding soother of a tune – this is very special stuff and essential downbeat set material. Over on the flip the same sense of restrained subtlety is retained, while the tune is aimed more squarely at the floor. Building and building, with the same hypnotic appeal of the original, it’s a massively powerful tune that’s had a huge impact right from the first play.”

(Andrew Lane, Arena, Middlesbrough, UK)

Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. 12" Jacket

STRINGZ ULTD. (12″ Single)

… “by the time you hear ‘Stringz Ultd’ (Shelley Mix) by Chiller Twist, you suddenly find yourself wishing it was the weekend again and there was a dancefloor nearby. Well, I did anyway. This particular track is my personal highlight of this compilation and I only hope I get the opportunity to hear it in a club sometime soon. An awesome track that builds and builds and when it finally hits, it doesn’t disappoint. Trance at its absolute uplifting best! …”

(Ants at in review of “In Search Of Sunrise 3” mixed by Tiesto)

“I really enjoy this track a lot. Frankly,I see it as the future of Trance. Nice, melodic & atmosperic beginning…with a huge leadup into a deep and mind-bending breakdown. Really inspiring stuff. I hope to see more like this in the future.”

(DJ Steev San Francisco March 2002

“With their excellent debut ‘Do You Hear It ?’ only just touched down, Chiller Twist fire off another beautiful soulful Trancer. And if that isn’t enough ‘Stringz Ultd.’ actually manages to surpass their superb last outing. Chiller Twist revel in the soul of Trance rather than the beast. ‘Stringz’is packed with the little tricks and sounds that elevate a wicked track to a classic.
The orchestral strings that are used in the mix are not your bog standard effects that every producer chucks in to pep things up. The track kicks off with a deliciously warm vibe and it doesn’t leave you until long after the needle’s come off. There is no traditional big pay off moments here either. Rather, the money notes are tucked subtly away in the faultlessly accomplished construction. With Chiller Twist currently drawing plaudits both Oakey and Tiesto, this outfit’s chance look bright indeed.*****”
(Tim Stark – DJ Magazine 25 Aug-7 Sep 2001)

“The Indiana Jones of progressive trance. Guitars, Bollywood samples, fucked-up strings: it’s all dug out from a pharoah’s tomb, the snakes picked off and polished up to make this ten-minute monster the most daring record since Hybrid’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’. 4/5”

(Viv Craske – Mixmag Nov 2001)

“Again a great production from the man who has; The Beatles – Abbey Road, Stevie Wonder – Talking Book and David Bowie – Aladdin Sane in his top 3 albums of all time. It is the fifth release on plumprojects. The Shelly Mix, is a true journey where you can experience al the things that are needed to make beautiful music. A firm beat with a huge sweeping string riff, and you can feel the drama in it. I like the idea behind not one but several vocals at the same time. It is unfailingly building up for that special touch. The Baptism Mix is a whole different approach, but it is done with the same motivation. Enclosing the tribal effects is making it darker and more haunting. With the filthy rumbling bass and vocodered voice ordering us to “baptise ourselves in the streams of the underground” you just cant go wrong with this high quality production from Sl!m… 8/10″

(Eelco Nov 2001)

“The “Shelly Mix” of Stringz Ultd is a beautiful deep progressive
track, a 12″ release taken from the Album ‘theWay’, the break has a real
deep euphoric feel to it with sexy womans voice harmonically humming you
into the break. Apparently being played everywhere by DJ Tiesto and other
DJs on an international scale, sure to be a massive hit among progressive
lovers. Chiller Twists “Baptism Mix” has a more darker feel with some
twisted vocal effects in the break, it goes back into the track quite fast
with an original riff.but the “Shelly Mix” is deffinetly the better of the
two in my view but both very nice tracks. 78/100″

(Simon Pitt Nov 2001)

“I came across the Plum Projects label completely by accident
but once I heard some of the songs on their site I was very interested.
This, their fifth release is really set to do well as it has already having
plays from Tiesto and Graham Gold. The “Shelley Mix” of “Stringz Ultd”
starts with a simple kick and bass before FX come in and the drum
arrangement becomes complex. Some nice warm pads are introduced with a nice
synth underlay and some pitch bent synths. This leads into some excellent
vocals which take the track to the breakdown. In the breakdown some dark
strings come in with a key triggered riff. This builds into quite a nice
track and the only negative view I have is that I think it is a bit too
slow. The “Baptism Mix” starts with a weird conga loop and oddbod
percussion along with a kick. Eerie synths come in and leads the track up
to the breakdown where some vocoded singing leads the track into a weird
ethnic feel. This mix isn’t as good a the Shelley mix but all in all this is
a nice effort from this London based label. Rating 9/10″.

(Loukas Reviews Nov 2001)

“Plum Projects contacted us with this promo, and we played it in the office and the vibe was “this is a new sound”. Somewhere between Orbital, Underworld – the tune builds with a steady stomp and is complemented by a female vibe, but all the time there is a darker groove going on.

Before you know it your head will be nodding, this is probably why Oakenfold thinks its pretty good too. The middle of the track breaks down before the big build to the end but the tune overall is very good, we reckon this is middle to end of your set stuff. We played this and people danced, which makes it a hit.”
(Mark – 8th Oct 2001)

“Well, this label is really showing its true colors and Chiller Twist have done it again. With their last track, Do You Hear It?, turning heads and filling the dance floors, with recommendations from all the top jox, they had a job to follow up and they did big time.

On the A side “Shelley Mix”, already being played out all over by Tiesto, is a chunky, progressive, peak time, pumpin floor track. This mix taking a small slide towards the euro feel. Add some deep, dark and sexy vocals, together with huge, warped, sweeping strings, some guitar hooks and you have a perfect floor filling dreamy track….ahh!!!MAGIC!! This is going to get LOTS of play by me!

On the flip side, “Baptism Mix”, the boys take us to a dark and techy place, much diffrent from the A side and I like that, don’t have much to say about 12″ with mixes on both sides sounding exactly the same??. With a deep dirty bassline and a vocodered voice, bringing us down to the deepest underground, this is also an XLNT track and will also see play from myself over the next few months and beyond…

With rave reviews from DJ Mag, 5/5, and to follow shortly, Dance portal, Spaced UK, Progressive sounds(+Interview) Mixmag, BBM, and M8…with radio play from Pete Tong, Danny Slade, Boy George and Andy Morris, an expected interview with Phil Elliot on the Student network in October…..Tiesto will be featuring it on his essential mix 09/09/2001 and has called it “the ultimate Ibizan dream away track” and charted it at no.3 in Ministry Magazine (October)……they must be doing something right!!

Keep it up boys!!

rating : 5/5 buy two !”

(Paul Newhouse Oct 2001)

“Chiller Twist returns with a triumphant showing. Two remixes of the beautiful down tempo cut ‘Stringz Ultd’ from his latest album The Way make up this single.

Chiller delivers two completely different renditions here with the Shelly’s mix as my personal favorite. With a subtle, non-intrusive beat driving this track, the mood is bright, yet soft. There is something about the female’s blissful hum against the symphonic strings and twangy guitar riff that hits me hard inside.

Rousing samples and imaginative percussion send you on a spacey journey in the Baptism Remix. Blips, bleeps and soft explosions are scattered alongside a wailing siren. The song soon drops into an ominous silence with vocoded vocal snippets until the song slams back into a very Orbital sounding climax.

Over 3 short years in the marketplace Chiller Twist has made great strides. Appealing equally to progressive, trance and house DJs, he has been supported by such well known DJ luminaries as Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Sister Bliss and Boy George, to name but four. Be sure that there are also many, many fans, supporting the forward looking dance music that’s made by Chiller Twist. Be just as sure that there will be many more to come ! 8.5/10”

(Chad Harnish – Progressive Sounds 8th Oct 2001)

“Baptism Mix : Exploration into the darker regions of techno this mix kicks off with the stalking menace similar to that of Cass’s ‘9highlimespiders’ then explodes into a cacophony of progressive carnage. Think Papa and Gilbey’s ‘Twisted’ and a whole lot of other scary shit besides. Fierce !

Shelley Mix : A sweeter more progressive sound on this mix that could comfortably sit in an Oakenfold set. The gorgeous, oceanic synth sounds create an uplifting yet haunting feel to the track. In other words it’s euphoric and trancey, words synonymous with cheese, but not here.”

(Paul Whiston – Vanguard Online Oct 2001)

“Absolutely beautiful, innovative, refreshing, and alluring. One to drop when
you know the room is yours beyond question.”

(dj@large, San Francisco Oct 2001)

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