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Chiller Twist Remixes Beyonce

March 4th 2012

Made for a competition that I was never going to win, but it was fun making Mrs Z go dark !

You can listen, comment, like and vote here

Banshee (2011 mixes) is out on the 12th December 2011

  All new mixes, All new video, pre-order links up now. We thoroughly recommend you use the order link from Bandcamp as this is the way to get ALL the mixes and some extra stuff ! “Banshee” is released on the 12th December 2011. The first new music for 9 years. Dan Kovacs is on…

Rarities 2

Prince V Madonna - You Deserve The Future

Me and my mate Matt did some respectful booties back in the day. Here’s one that takes elements from Mark Moore’s remix of Prince’s “The Future” with Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and fuses them together in a tech house style. Prince V Madonna – You Deserve The Future (Chiller Twist V AAP mix) 192kbps

Rarities 1

McAlmont & Butler - Bring It Back (Chiller Twist SOS Remix)

Here’s the first of an irregular series … Back in 2002 I got asked to do on spec mix of McAlmont & Butler and give it an “eighties” vibe – it never made it out! It has a few moments though … enjoy! McAlmont & Butler – Bring It Back (Chiller Twist SOS Remix) 192kbps

Imitation / Flattery ?

A weird thing came up in Google Alerts. A track in a DJ mix listed as Bml (max) – Barbados (Chiller Twist) It’s news to me – is someone WANTING to be Chiller Twist ? – that would be a first ! I must confess I didn’t want to be a “VIP member” to hear…

Chiller Twist remixes Underworld “Bird 1” for competition Oct 2010

Underworld are my favourite band EVER. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them live – but if I don’t do it at least once a year I feel like something was missing! I’ve thought about remixing them many times before, but have always felt too reverential – I didn’t want to just re-arrange them – but add something new and complimentary. I FEEL them like no other band so I very much hope you Underworld fans will appreciate my take on the remix tip.