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Banshee (2011 mixes) out this Monday 12th Dec

Chiller Twist – Banshee (2011 mixes)

Banshee (2011 mixes) cover


Full Tracklist

1. Banshee (2011 net mix)

2. Banshee (trancestep mix)

3. Banshee (blue line mix)

4. Banshee (tretempo mix)

5. Banshee (minimal dentistry mix)


Sl!m shows us more musical influences than ever including his own take on “Trancestep”, a chillout version worthy to share the same name of his mix of Solid Session’s “Janeiro” and the super adventurous “tretempo mix” which mixes Funk, Drum & Bass and Psychedelic Chill.


Question & Answer

Dan Kovacs asked “What are your plans for the future artistically” ?

Tiesto Classic: Tiesto Live At The Essential Mix 09-08-2001

Hey ! Here’s a link to an old Tiesto set that includes the track “Stringz Ultd.” Tiesto Classic: Tiesto Live At The Essential Mix 09-08-2001. I’m working hard on the new Chiller Twist website which will integrate this blog. There’s lots to learn and not much time to do it in ! I’ve started a…

What Makes Music Worthwhile ?

Hi Folks, Sometimes one discovers something that makes it all worthwhile … So, thanks djVersus http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=23360&referrerid=2 “somethings just boggles my mind. Is there some kind of telepathic sounds that these tunes produce that I don’t know about? Cuz from the tunes I do recognize on the list, it’s as repetitviely monotone as can be. See…